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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lovely Boozy Lady wot Lunches today

Sat in a friends garden this afternoon in the rain drinking wine!!! It was so hot and we were under a parasol but it just seemed so bizarre to be drinking outside in the day in the rain!!!

So I am officially a "Lady Wot Lunches"

Had the most relaxing day though, my friend is childless but adores my children and has lots planned for them to do when we visit...leaving me to booze away and flick through mags...read a fabulous article on how to de clutter...read the same article about ten years ago...god do these magazines ever come up with original ideas but it has inspired me to throw a load of shite away, mainly belonging to other half and kids, I certainly could not bear to part with any of my shoes, handbags or clothes...they are not clutter they are essential items and if removed would have a detrimental effect on everyone...coz I would be so peeved and impossible to live with!!!

My friend has an amazing "green" garden...mine is all uber mod with painted fences, gravel, potted plants and white stones...but hers is like a jungle and snapped a few piccies of the kids while we were there...between showers...tip for anyone wanting to take photographs of kids lying down...don`t wear white jeans...I have grass stains on mine that will need explaining later!!!

These are my favourite shots from today:

And this is my favourite dessert in the whole world...that my friend served us after lunch...strawberries with Jelly and ice cream...and chocolate sauce....yummmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee...I know I am a big kid!!!

I am off now to top up the alcohol levels!!!
Thanks for looking xxx

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