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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Citrus Sunday!!!

Okay Sundays for me usually mean getting up really early and enjoying the peace while the kids sleep in, facebooking or crafting for a bit, cup of coffee in peace you know what I mean...easy like Sunday Morning!!!

Only this morning I slept in...until 9.30am!!!

But I still had one of those easy Sunday mornings....oh yes I did!!!

I have a lady who comes to my workshops and she bakes...omg does she bake, her Millionaires shortcake is to die for, she made me some homemade lemon curd a few weeks ago and this week she made me some homemade Orange curd...OMG I bought some croissants yesterday and the kids and I had homemade orange curd on croissants for breakfast...wow taste sensation...the kids all gave it the thumbs up and I was in tasty heaven..Pauline you are amazing!!!

Then I decided to get out all the bling my Mum and I bought for her wedding headpiece and have started to put that together...so far it looks like this...very kindly modelled by Mia
Okay I am off to the pub now, have friends to meet, alcohol to drink and football to watch...well men in shorts anyway, although I do know that Chelsea...Mr Lampard and Mr Terry Yum Yum are playing first and United play Newcastle later!!!

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