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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Old Trafford...Hmmm and some Family Pictures!!!

I am not a Manchester United fan in the least...I am a Liverpool girl by default...it makes for a quiet life in our house ;-) but a couple of years ago I went to Old Trafford and had the best time...with My Dad...it was a Russian theme night and was his staff Christmas party in 2005, my Mum was too poorly to attend so I bravely stepped in at the last minute...Russian Dancing, Fire Eaters and lots and lots of Vodka...I think I was very brave!!!

So was looking at the photos today whilst I was visiting my parents...and I want my hair back...I can`t believe how long it was and how much I actually had chopped off when I bravely went for the chop just before Christmas last year...I think I have lost a bit of weight since then as I look a little porky!!! And OMG I searched the whole of Warrington and Manchester for a clip just like that a few weeks ago...Arghhhhhhhhh

Me in 2005...note even then the glass of wine!!!

Me and my Dad

And had a bit of a laugh with the camera today with parents and love these pics

Me and My Mum who makes me feel really tall...love you Mum x

Me and my Dad who makes me feel really small...love you Dad x

My Mum and Dad who were laughing so much I could not get a decent pic of them...I obviously have that effect on people!!!

Me and my little boy who came home yesterday after being away for nearly three weeks...I missed him so much...and yes I know he is not so little but he will always be my baby!!!

Have done lots of work this afternoon...I found my mojo in an overhead compartment near Flixton on the way home from the craft show yesterday!!!
I am just waiting for glues and glazes to dry to take pictures...watch this space...thanks for looking xxx

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