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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Lubberly Layouts and Lubbery Justin

Just finished these layouts off...tried an 8x11...or whatever size it is...its A4 to me and very American...I have never really fancied this size before but I am quite pleasantly surprised and I think I likes it, although a favourite colour combo always helps. This layout is for a challenge that was set on a Facebook group I belong to called Scraptherapy This is the first challenge and they are all based on scrappin yourself.
I actually took inspiration for this layout by this tattoo that Justin Timberlake has on his chest Est 1976...hubba hubba alert

And conveniently my name is Esther...although most people call me EST...so I put EST 1975 on my layout...how clever ;-)
The journalling around the photo at the bottom is my current roles: Mum, Partner, Friend, Daughter, Sister...and around the top is words that describe me: Funny, Creative, Loyal, Emotional, Determined. The main journalling reads "The most important job in the world to me is being a Mum but as my children are getting older they seem to need me less and less so now begins a period of rediscovery" and this pretty much sums up me at the moment.

This layout is of Ella and the journalling reads "A little birdie told me that you are growing up into a beautiful young lady" Which she bloody well is...do you know i look at my kids sometimes and think how on earth did I manage to create something so beautiful.

thanks for looking xxx

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Hi Esther, It was great to read "more" about your layout inspiration!