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Friday, 7 November 2008

Poorly Baby Girl

I have been looking after my poorly baby today, I say baby she is nearly 8 but when she is poorly she lets me call her baby!!!

Bloody hell I nearly broke my back carrying her up and down the stairs today though, she has had a sickness bug and it completely wiped her out she had absolutely no energy hence me having to carry her, although she has been lying on the couch the whole day throwing up or sleeping, she is sat up at the moment eating a pack of Jelly Tots and seems to have perked up a bit thank god, I hate my kids being ill, and the poor little mite was concerned about missing school this morning because they strive for 100 per cent attendance!!!

So between holding her hair back, stroking her head and generally being sympathetic...which for those who know me is quite out of character...I have managed to design the three new courses I will be teaching and plan for my micro teach next Tuesday...lesson plan and all and got all the housework done too.

I am currently working on sketch two for Beary Box and I have also added a list of my fellow design team members blogs to the left, go check out their amazing work.

Off now to disinfect the sick bucket!!!

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