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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

New Job and Scrappy Layouts!!!

I have a new job, it`s official, I have received the emails today to confirm the venues, dates and times for the three new course I will be teaching in the community for the local college. I used to work for the college a couple of years ago and all the part time tutors were given the option to take voluntary redundancy and receive a payout, I didn`t do this as I had only been working for them for about three years so didn`t think my payout would be that much, I am so glad now I didn`t because the college had all my details on file still and I spoke to a lovely lady today who asked me if I would be willing to teach the classes I mentioned yesterday and another at a different venue...Of course I would, who doesn`t want the opportunity to earn amazing money and get it before Christmas, part time tutors are paid a horrifically high hourly rate due to the preparation work you have to do in your own time...Kids I think this Christmas could be a good one...get those Argos books back out!!!
The only downside is I start the week after next, so I have to prepare three different six week courses before then...Oh and I have to go and do a micro teach at the College on Tuesday!!! I am actually looking forward to that, a couple of years ago the thought would have filled me with dread but I am knowledgeable and confident about what I do so as long as my turrets does not play up I am sure I will be fine!!!
Also had a great workshop today, although I did find out that my friend Pauline, I have mentioned her before she is the lady that makes me the most amazing homemade lemon curd, has broke her wrist, she had a lot of trouble doing the jewellery making workshop last week and thought her arthritis was playing up but it turns out she had a little fall and has been for an x-ray today and she has in fact been walking round with a broken wrist for about two weeks...big hug to you Pauline (HUG) and hope it gets better soon hun.
Have also completed these layouts tonight and used nothing but scraps from other projects, what a challenge, I have decided I am not cutting into any new papers until I have reduced my scrap paper pile by at least half....well unless I get any new Basic Grey...or We Are Memory Keepers, or Daisey Bucket, Dream Street, or Crate Paper...oh god that is so not going to work is it!!!
Look you can scrap Halloween without using black and orange!!!
Leftover Heidi Grace and Daisy Bucket papers, which co ordinate really well.
Spooky Me
and a photo I took last week while the kids were off school, which I love and some left over Daisy Bucket papers which are so scrummyliscious...but I have used every last scrap of those now :-( May have to re order some of these...just don`t tell anyone I did it!!!
Family Tree
Off now to make a new baby card for a friend...yep using just scraps!!!


Shirl said...

Hi Est

Firstly congrats on the job! Just in time for xmas too - well done!

Secondly your Halloween lo is just darling. I love the pink theme (strangely enough I can't imagine orange and black on it now I have seen it in pink!) not to mention the Family lo too just gorgeous.

But then again Est your work always is..!!! Have you started on the new challenge from BB yet?

The weather here is awlful so hot and muggy (we are nerviously awaiting big thunderstorms later in the day - well hopefully) so I no sooner got the email and before bed time came around I had done the lo already!! I am thinking of maybe doing another along the same lines as it was so easy to throw together!

Ok saying bye bye for now have a great day!


Rachel said...

you make such spectacular pages!!