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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Today started like any other non descript day but do you ever get that feeling at the end of the day and think wow what a good day!!!

I did a bit of gardening this morning I really like pottering in my little garden, so I have tidied up for winter, a job I have been meaning to do for a few weeks but not had the time... so my little front garden looks all cute and tidy again...until the next gale force wind blows in a bin bag full of leaves, the downside of living at the end of a terrace and the kids leaving the front gate open all the time.

Also managed to unlock Jacks bike from the front gate...has been there since last Monday when he managed to break the combination on his lock, so armed with all my very dangerous tools I had to saw through the plastic with a hacksaw and then get the wire cutters to it, they make those bike locks really strong now you know, obviously to deter criminals like me!!! But it was no match for me and only took me about 15 minutes...I could be the perfect bike thief but I have blisters now so don`t think I will be doing that again!!!

Then I had a meeting this afternoon with a community development team who want me to teach some courses in the community, the lady who runs it, unbeknown to me, had actually been in touch with the local college who are going to fund at least two classes and pay me to teach them too, with the prospect of another two courses. How good is that, so I am going to be teaching candle making and jewellery making and possibly two greetings cards courses too...maybe I will push for a scrapbooking class too, I already have the minimum number of students ready to enrol and met a lot of them today as they were all attending a craft club...nosey old me went in and knew half of the ladies in there from past teaching. Even got a coffee made for me and had a good old chat...happy days!

Have also decided to take up Salsa dancing which is also going to be taught through the college, am really looking forward to that and have a couple of my friends ready to tag along to learn our spicy sexy new dance...I can`t wait, I love to dance!!! and I have also been invited to join the local residents committee, probably because I have a big mouth and can put my point forward, but the Chairman, was also at the meeting I went to, asked me if I would be interested, so maybe I will have to think about that one as there really is only so much even I can achieve in one day, I still need time to socialise you know!!!

I am off now to soak my blistered hands, I don`t think a criminals life is for me, I am far too girly!!!

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