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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Cold Continental Christmas!!!

Hit the streets of Manchester today with my lil Girlie Ella, she had birthday money burning a hole in the pocket of her funky new jeans and wanted to put it into the tills at Primark and fill her wardrobe. We visited the Christmas Markets first, and even though it was freezing cold it was such a great Christmassy atmosphere, with continental delights from all over the world, we sampled olives...well I did Ella wrinkled her nose in disgust, cheeses mmm the lime green pesto cheese was delicious, chocolates, fudge and mini dutch pancakes...oooh taste bud sensation...so many yummy tastes from around the world.

Then we hit the shops and Ella spent her pennies eventually after waiting in the queue in Primark for forty five minutes, god it was rammed and I had to get quite shirty with a bloke trying to push in front of us, Ella was splitting her sides as I told him exactly where the back of the queue was...he wasn`t best pleased but tough luck mate you got to wait your turn like the rest of us.

Oooh and I am so happy too, I have wanted a cream fur jacket since I saw one in Debenhams for £60, and I got one out of the kids section of Primark for £10...aged 13, some woman gave me a filthy look while I was trying it on so I just said that I loved buying kids clothes for myself because you don`t pay any VAT...she stomped off in disgust!!! I hate animosity and its not my fault I am a skinny little shit...its in my genes...(size 8 jeans lol)

So took loads of Pictures today, when my hand hadn`t frozen solid to my camera!!!

Girlies waiting in the freezing cold for the train

Ella and her Chocolate and Marshmallow Kebab

Yummy gingerbread treats

Chocolate Heaven

Mini Scrummy Dutch Pancakes...mmmmmmmm

Santa's Grotto in the Arndale...have you seen the size of those Balls!!!

Messing about in the Pound shop...My kids love the pound shop and I have at last found a hat to match my boots!!!

Look at the pretty lights
Off now to defrost my toes and kiss my radiators!!!

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