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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wednesday Witterings!!!

I had an Indian Head Massage last night, I have never had one before but a friend of mine is doing the course at college and needed someone to do a case study on...of course I bravely stepped up and volunteered!!!

Oh My God how fabulous is it, amazing, now I have had massages before but this was just so relaxing and cleansing, I felt totally amazing afterwards, had a pretty decent nights sleep and got up this morning feeling so good...I can certainly recommend it, and if you can find someone who can do it for free all the better!!!
So it is a good job I was so "cleansed" this morning because I had a workshop today that featured the dreaded glitter and without thinking I wore a black top!!! Big mistake at one point I was sparkly enough to sit on the top of a bloody Christmas tree and had to scratch my head with a bone folder so the glitter all over my hands did not end up embellishing my new Cosmic Purple hair...well I say cosmic purple but it is more Mahogony really...spent Sunday evening dying it then the rest of the evening cleaning the dye off everything in the bathroom with the cillit bang!!!
After work I shot over to the college for a meeting with my new Line Manager...god almighty I had forgotten how much paperwork was involved with teaching for the college, I came home with half a rain forest for each course I am teaching and another six trees worth of forms to fill in for Human resources...I am sure that all these pieces of paper are unnecessary and just justify someones job somewhere, probably a junior in the shredding office making hamster nesting ...!!!
I finally convinced Harry to have his mop cut tonight too, I am saying mop and meaning exactly that...so he had a choice I get the clippers out and shave the lot or he uses his money to pay for a short back and sides, he chose the latter probably because he knew the clippers would get tangled in his hair and we would end up at A & E having them surgically removed!!!
Have just finished this layout for a challenge over on a face book group I am on, the challenge was to title your page "Why" and my journalling reads :
"Why are you both growing up so fast, asking me about make up and music, what happened to my little baby girls snuggled in my arms smelling of Johnson's"
Off now to fill in my 16,000 forms for a job I already have!!!

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Vickie said...

Love this LO, its so pink lol X