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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Okay as promised I spent the whole afternoon working, designing workshops for this week. I am doing an extra day a week at Edwin Allen starting this week for the run up to Christmas....so many cards to make so little time!!!

So if you are booked into my class on Tuesday we are making these cards using the stunning glitter card that does not shed which is lucky as I have to do my Micro Teach at the Collegiate in the afternoon and really don`t want to turn up covered in glitter!!!

This is a slider card, as requested by Val, and the snowflake slides from side to side...hence the name slider card...ingenious!!!

This is a rather gorgeous bronze Christmas card again using the glitter card and some wire, not had my wire out for a while but love using it at the moment, although my wire cutters have not been the same since trying to cut through Jack`s bike lock with them!!!

And this is a sneaky peek of the scrapbook page we will be doing Wednesday, in a similar style to the bronze card, just to show that card making and scrapbooking can be very similar!!! Can`t get a decent photo because the light here is pants!!!

Off now for a very well earned glass of wine!!!

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