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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Peace Reigned...

...and they all got wet!!!

Do you have family sayings that only your family understand or use, this is one of ours that we use when its quiet another one is "There`s not Mushroom in here" obviously whenever we have mushrooms...sad really isn`t it!!!

I think I may be going a little stir crazy!!!

I have been alone all afternoon and it has been heaven pure heaven...total silence, apart from The Script pleasantly singing away in the background, but the total peace meant I could actually spend the whole afternoon uninterrupted by "Mum can I have a drink" or "Mum can we go to the shop" and I have completely planned my candle making course which starts on Monday...made a couple of candles and managed not to set fire to the kitchen, although I will be picking bits of wax from the worktops and cooker for the rest of the evening...good excuse for a take away tonight though!!!

Have a layout and a card to share with you that I completed this week.

Layout is of Jack and I, the first photograph I have of Jack where he is actually taller than me and the first photo I edited woo hoo!!!

Close up to show the 3D details:

And this card is a variation of the bronze card I taught in one of my workshops this week:

And another close up to show the 3D

Feeling slightly smug too as I have done over half of my Christmas shopping and bought 75,000 rolls of wrapping paper today too...slight exaggeration but Asda are selling 2m rolls of wrapping paper for 16p...ideal for the kids pressies which I do not wrap and dress as nicely as the adults ones, and at the end of the day it gets ripped off and thrown in the bloody bin!!!

Off to complete the next item on my Wall of China sized to do list!!!

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