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Sunday, 9 November 2008

God it is soooooooooo cold today, I am sat inside snuggled up now with the heating on...although may not be able to afford that much longer, the bills are shocking lately!!!

I have just got back from my best friends house, no alcohol involved shockingly, needed coffee to warm me up, it is her daughters birthday today and she is 14...OMG I do feel old now because I remember when she started school so little and sweet in her uniform, now she is taller than me and pats me on the head!!!

So I made her this card, which I really like, so much I am going to make a similar one for Ella's birthday which is later this month.

I am off now to prepare two workshops and work on my lesson plans...oh the joy!!!

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Hi Esther
Didn't realise you had a blog - beautiful stuff on here!! Love this Tilda card - too cute. Check out my blog - http://craftangeldanielle.blogspot.com