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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Terrific Tuesday

I have had a great day today, was working this morning at Edwin Allen and managed to prepare an entire workshop in about 20minutes...running round like a headless chicken was not the half of it, all this and assisting customers and helping Lee out too!!! I really should be more organised but then I work far better under pressure, even when I am quietly muttering under my breath because the kettle I put on to boil for my huge mug of coffee refused to boil in time for my workshop to start!

Great workshop though, great group of ladies in today too and we managed to finish a little early and chat about Thursday, I am going here with Diane...if the Manchester show was anything to go by you can expect some very funny pictures uploaded very soon!!!

Then rushed from work over to the local college, where I had my Micro teach booked for this afternoon, I had a fantastic group of ladies all with learning difficulties, I have missed this formal, intense teaching, and I was observed by five officials!!! I had an absolute ball and the jewellery making lesson I planned to last 30 minutes actually went on for an hour because we had such a laugh and I scored really well on my obs and grading...the best, I am a really happy tutor tonight!!! So my classes start next week, I am really looking forward to them too and it will be great to get out and meet more crafty people too!

Ooh and my Salsa classes start tomorrow night, I can`t wait for that, I love to dance and now I am going to learn properly, six weeks of intense Salsa dancing...I will be an expert by the time all the Christmas Parties come around!!!

Off now to work on my Beary Box challenge number three as I had a big package of photographs delivered today...for anyone interested I order all my prints from here...fantastic value for money, high quality prints and very fast delivery too, and no I am not on commission!!!

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