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Friday, 7 November 2008

Its Friday night and I am...sat at the computer all giddy because I can edit my photos...how sad am I...although I do have a very nice bottle of Pinot open...but I am listening to shite Kids TV still...OMG I have had to listen to that all day, it was a relief to go and soak in the bath earlier and listen to my "grown up" songs.

So have been playing around with some photos and have come up with these edited images, god I love my new software so much, I cant wait to scrapbook these pictures...I really should get out on a Friday night more!!!
Me and my not so lil baby Boy
Liverpool Fan in Manchester!!!
Waiting at the Bus Stop....I hate buses!!!
My Gorgeous lil baby Girl
Turquoise is just the best colour!!!
Off to finish my Pinot!!!

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