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Friday, 14 November 2008

Birmingham and Manchester

Packed myself a little packed lunch yesterday...well I stopped in Marks and Spencer's on the way to the train station anyway, those of you who know me know that I don`t do packed lunches, and set off to the NEC at Birmingham for the day with my good friend Diane, for those of you that have read my blog for a while you will now that we went to the craft show at the GMEX earlier in the year and we are now craft fair buddies...or basically just crafty buggers, how we did not get thrown out of that show in Brummie land yesterday is beyond me, even though I felt like death becomes her and had to sit down several times we just spent the whole day laughing, from the minute we got on the train in the morning until the minute we left it last night, where we were desperately trying to set up Darren, a squaddie from Surrey on his way to Edinburgh, with Claire who was getting off at Preston, we found out about another lady who had left her boyfriend that morning and was missing him that much she was going back and another lady who was on her way to Blackpool to see her Mum!!! we are so nosey and I bet that carriage was glad to see the back of us when we got off the train.

As for the show at the NEC we were not that impressed with the exhibitors, although I got a bit giddy when I met Julie Hickey and she recognised me...how cool, and I did come home minus about £50 with two bags full of goodies, still got to sort through all that as we didn`t get home until eight last night, had loads to do when I got in then had a Date with Primark in Manchester today...oh and the Arndale too, have been Christmas shopping...finally got a dent of it done, so another obscene amount of money spent on High School Musical Merchandise...why do I get the feeling I am being ripped off every time I buy something with Troys face on it!!!

WhSmiths has an amazing offer on this weekend though, if you spend £30 on anything you get £10 off, and a lot of their books are reduced, half price or buy one get one half price, although my back is complaining that I bought the Guinness Book of Records!!! Primark also has a bit of a sale on, although I must have overdone it in there as the bloody useless paper bags they give you always tear on me..and yep walking up Oxford Street back to the station mine did tear, least my new sexy undies were not strewn all over for all to see!!!

Will leave you with some of the pictures of the trouble we got up to yesterday!!!

Early in the morning at Warrington Train Station, all excited and ready to go!!!

OMG They should have these moving walkways everywhere!!!

These are probably the biggest cupcakes in the world, and no in my delicate poorly state I couldn`t manage a whole one and yes the cream went everywhere!!!

Flower Power...the poor guy demonstrating how to make these flowers was glad to see the back of us, and shouted down to warn all the other stall holders too...Oh the shame!!!

Totally wrecking the Christmas displays!!!

I finally found a horse to match my Cowboy Boots...Yee Ha!!!

And just before we were thrown out for totally wrecking the Christmas displays I fluttered my eyelashes at a lovely security guard and persuaded him to take our Piccie...I think he was glad to see the back of us too!!!
Flagging and shattered on the train home...but still smiling!!!
I am off to stroke my lovely new papers!!!

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