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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Loverly Lambanana Liverpool and the Sunshine

Had an impromptu visit to Liverpool today...had not planned it but when I got up...at stupid o clock this morning... the sun was shining and my camera was begging for a day trip...so off the girls and I and my lil bro trotted to Liverpool...home of the Lambanana...and not just one lambanana but hundreds of them all over the city...as you can see...

Even managed a colour co-ordinated one here!!!

The weather was gorgeous...so much so I have sunburn...in July in England almost unheard of but tis true, I have strap marks to prove it!!!
We walked all around the Albert Dock while I clicked away with my lubberly camera...even the Mersey looked good with the light reflecting off the water...I love Liverpool so much for the shopping and the culture and the fabulous architecture...I love the mix of the really old buildings nestled between the newer structures and I love taking pictures here.

Anchors away!!!

Ella struts her stuff with Billy Fury...

Then we headed into the town centre for a good old McDonalds lunch...we really know how to posh it up us Gundry`s..then a lil trip to Primark...another £20 spent...another two carrier bags of clothes to fit in our wardrobes... and a wander round the town centre where I captured these fabulous pics
This very lovely gentleman was playing the most beautiful music with his stringed instrument, I told Ella to go stand near him while I took a photie and he let her have a go, It was amazing to listen too very soft and perfect for relaxing to...very talented musician.
Quick lesson...

...and away she goes...

These lovely ladies were advertising the upcoming Creamfields music festival and very kindly allowed me to take their photo with Ella too...Their costumes and make up were absolutely fantastic.

And sat having a sneaky ice cream...I know after a Mc Donalds too...I captured this gorgeous building against the fabulous clear blue sky...note the tree growing out of the top!!!

Freaky man outside H&M...just your average shopper!!! Unfortunately the girls were too freaked out by him to go and stand next to him for Mum`s photo`s!!!

And finally this is the Kensington regeneration project...these houses are all due to be demolished and instead of the usual dismal boarding up they have been covered with some pretty cool artwork...loving it

Lovely Lovely day...thanks lil bro and gorgeous girlies xxxx

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