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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Wonderful Wednesday...What!!!

Half way through the week already and you know you get that feeling when you have not achieved half as much as you wanted too...I think I am a little distracted!!!
I have finished off a lot of projects and comissions but things have been slipping my mind a bit, I had a comissioned card to do for a 13 year old who is having a Grease themed party, her mum asked me to make a co-ordinating card which I did, and I loved it and thoroughly enjoyed making it, it was simply divine full of pink and lushness, she was over the moon with it when she picked it up only I forgot to take a photo...so Jackie if you are reading this please send me a photo of The pink card...xxx.
Also have been meaning to go craft shopping all week...You see I NEED some new Coordinations card because apparantly its full of gorgeousness and I still have not seen a single sheet and have not had the time to go anywhere to view its beauty!!!
I have also completed four layouts this week and keep forgetting to take photos in the daylight...not that we have had any daylight here today, I have hired a boat and will be rowing the kids to school tomorrow at this rate...July...pah...more like bloody November...I had a coat on today...A COAT!!! I should be outside wearing my new Bikini on my new sun lounger gently toasting in the sun with the sweet smell of coconut oil in the air...but no, I dam near drowned on the way to work this morning.
I was teaching scrapbooking today at Edwin Allen, I love teaching scrapbooking, it it my favourite subject in the whole wide world...apart from Wine tasting of course...and I forgot to load a piccie on here last night of the page we were doing, I have promised my ladies that I will do that so they can decide which photos to bring to the class...I did however have a totally fabulous class and special thanks go to Kathy for the delish hot chocolate...nobody makes hot chocolate like this girl believe me.
So if anybody has a spare House elf to help me get everything done or a remedy for forgetfulness then please let me know...
I would say thanks for looking but tonight I think it`s thanks for listening xxx

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