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Sunday, 20 July 2008

I Feel Good...................

.................I Knew that I would!!!!

I slept until 10.30am this morning after sitting up late watching Hostel 2...omg watched Hostel last week and thought that was quite fab but the second one should be a reason why they do not make sequels...what a pile of tripe!!! So it feels so good to have had a decent nights sleep where I didn`t keep half of Warrington and the surrounding areas awake with my hack of a cough! The kids and OH are out and I have a bit of time to myself after spending a few hours with Family.
OOh you really could hear a pin drop here.
Have created a layout and a card today, layout features my gorgeous girlies and the journalling reads Such Natural Beauty...how long will that last before the make up and hair do`s!!!
I am not looking forward to my girls being teenagers!!! I think they are already in training...several years early, in fact Ella (10) has the stamping up the stairs and slamming her bedroom door perfected even more than I did at 16!!!!

Have used flocking on the chipboard title...I am a converted Flocker!!!
And then because I really am a good girl ;-) (honest) I created this sweet little card with all the leftovers from the layout.

And for anyone who wants to know the cute little bird is a stamp and I got it here

Thanks for looking xxx


scrapraffe said...

ooh i think i must order a birdie stamp now ^__^ thanks! x

Lisa said...

I just lurve those colours Est.
Completely Gorgeous!!!!
lis xx