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Friday, 4 July 2008

Friday feeling...

...I have had one of those days today, you know what I mean when you just don`t stop for the whole day and end up completely bone weary tired at the end of it, the day did not start too well when I slept through the alarm and had to screech at the kids to get them up and organised for school...managed to get them and myself all presentable and fed in less than 30minutes...after I had dropped the little lovies at school I came home to prepare a layout for a class next week and OMG...nothing went right, took me two hours to design the blooming page which I thought I had sorted in my head, when I put it all together nothing looked right...know what I mean...had a break and went to have my hair cut and I swear I am "shorn of the sheep" I said a couple of inches and I think she thought I said cut away to your hearts content my lovie! I will get used to it...in about three months when its all grown back...had a funday at the girlies school this afternoon and was just about to get in the fire engine with the hunky firemen when they got an emergency call and had to depart sirens blaring and all.....I was looking forward to chatting all about home safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then had to rush home drop off youngest daughter and go on to a class I was teaching with a group of youngsters who want to make some items to sell to raise money for their cheerleading group...had an absolute ball and managed to control a group of about 15 kids...but I am feeling the strain tonight...half way through a bottle of Pinot and my bones feel tired!!! All this and I forgot to help Mia with her "All about me" project which was due in today...guess what we will be doing this weekend.......................

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