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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Fake Friday!!!

God it feels like Friday today...I have had the best day in Manchester...shopping...My most favourite past time in the whole wide world. I got me some new cowboy boots...Ye Ha... finally, mine have given up after being worn Sooooooooooo many times...the bloody sole fell off so found some lip smackingly, strokeable gorgeous ones in New Look and took them home to mama!!!

Also hit Primark with a vengeance...I know this store has some bad publicity but the clothes are out of this world cheap...my total bill came to £24 and I got a pair of jeans, two skirts, a dress, a top and a bracelet...Bargain!!! Makes up for the fact that I spent £25 on one top last week!
Had the most scrumdidly lunch too Salmon and asparagus salad with little baby potatoes that tasted out of this world...Even Gordon would not have found fault with it! Too yummy for words...the salmon not Gordon although I would love to be his wife and have him cook for me every night!!!
All hail Gordon!!!
The only drawback of the day was being slowly steamed to perfection in the train on the way home...I swear I was about to turn into a puddle when the train finally pulled into my station and I could get off and climb up yet another flight of stairs...bringing on yet another major coughing fit at the top!!!
So Esther is finally quiet...gasp...and all it takes is this lingering bug...I can hardly talk as my breath catches in my chest and I cough up thirty years of shite from my lungs...So for all those people who said to me last week "You need to go to the Doctors" I am going tomorrow...as long as there is not a two week waiting list!!!
I am off now to open a bottle of cough medicine and have a spoonful of wine!!!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

ooohhh Est, I would love to be Gordon's wife too, but not just for the cooking !!! ; )

Hope you feeling better soon.
lis xxx