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Monday, 21 July 2008

Been for a lark in the Park....

...with my boys...
I desparately tried to get some work done this morning but I just could not concentrate properly, everything went wrong and the final crunch came when I managed to tip half a bottle of 3D Dimensional glaze all over my Cricut mat!!!
So I had to get out in the fresh air...and sunshine...OMG it was real sun too, not the fake one that hides behind clouds!!!!
So off Jack,Harry and I toddled to the park for a lark about and to take some piccies, had to give Jack a quick lesson in photography but I don`t think he has done too bad for a first timer!
This is my favourite photo of me that Jack took...just chilling in the garden before our lark in the park...if only the sun had been hiding those frown lines would have been too!!!

This is my favourite photo of Jack that I took...who by the way is very photogenic and will do whatever I ask him to for the sake of a good photo. Bless him he climbed onto the top of a four foot rock just so I could get the sky behind him...

Harry...who had a quick photography lesson last week...took these of Jack and I...and yes Jack is taller than me!!!

...and finally a very very rare shot of my fella...who hates having his photo taken because he detests the flash going off in his eyes...managed to persuade him to have a couple taken outside last night and this is my favourite...

thanks for looking xxx


eira said...

Love the photos of Jack and you...soo cute! I hope one day when my children are (almost) grown up they still want to cuddle me like that!
Greetings, eira

esther said...

you bviously have a mini photographer in the making! some great shots!

Lisa said...

Great pics Est : )
Makes a nice change to see you and the boys.
lis xxxx