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Friday, 18 July 2008

Sniff Sniff, Sneeze Sneeze, Cough Cough!!!

I still have this nasty little bug, I say bug but I think there are hundreds of them taking over my body and rendering me completely useless...I had to cancel a class tonight because there was no way I could even face the thought of standing up in front of 15 teenagers and being in control...I hate being ill...I hate not being able to run up some stairs or walk down Oxford street without needing an extra large cannister of oxygen to return my breathing and heart rate to normal levels...Argggggggggggggg...

I have been ill for FOUR days...I have got NO work done, I can`t be bothered with my new phone, which is seriously annoying me...I just want to be able to function...My survival kit instead of double sided tape, scissors and an abundance of Basic Grey Papers are these:

and these which were bought for me today by a very sweet friend...

I am planning on working ALL weekend, I have two workshops and a couple of classes to prepare all for next week...But I did manage to get my little hands on some Coredinations card which I am very excited about and I have a couple of Jars of fun flock to play with too. I need to get some scrapbooking done too...250+ pictures taken last weekend are begging to be played with...watch this space!!!

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