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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ho Ho Ho....

...Merry Christmas lol!!!

For Jacks first Christmas my Mum and Dad bought him a talking Santa that said that...Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas, I still have it now although the batteries have run out...thank god...but loved that little Santa, the reason I am talking Santa Shite...been playing with my Fa La La cartridge for the slice, making samples tonight for my Demo on Saturday...I know its far to early to begin contemplating Christmas but hey crafters begin preparations in January I think!!!

Even I have started to think about Christmas shopping, although I have Ella`s birthday in November to get through first...and what on earth do you buy for kids that seem to have everything, they turn their noses up when I suggest clothes, and you don`t want to know what they tell me when I suggest sending what I would have spent on them to charity!!! Mia did ask me for an iphone a couple of weeks ago....she is 8 for heavens sake, when I was 8 I was still playing with Barbies and I am not convinced we even had a land line in our house let alone mobile phones!!! Oh how times have changed, is this a sign of me getting old do you think!!!

Me I quite fancy an iphone for Christmas either that or the new kodak printer, or maybe a hot fix gem tool but that is about as likely as Santa himself coming through my chimney...which would be bloody hard as I don`t have one!!!

Anyway getting into the Christmas spirit...almost...by creating these.....

Wall Hanging...

and a couple of toppers to show some of the shapes on the cartridge...

Been to Manchester today...after selling most of my bracelets I made this week I desperately needed some new beads...mmm got some gorgeous ones too, spent an hour in the bead shop stroking and choosing which ones would be coming home with me...lovely day off!!!

Back to work tomorrow after two days off...well I use that term loosely as I am completely shattered and think I actually do less when I am working.

Got to go and dole out Medication (neurofen) to Jack, who is still suffering with his "man flu" and seems to have very kindly passed it onto me...bless him!!!