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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Accident and Emergency...

...is not a place I have visited very often, even with four kids, I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have been in the almost seventeen years I have been a mum, Jesus that makes me feel old!!!

Well Harry and I had a day trip there today, he came home from school yesterday and showed me what he had done to his finger in a drama lesson and when I told him it looked dislocated he rushed off saying I`m off to play football, so thought nothing more of it until I got a phone call this morning, ten minutes before I am due to leave for work, from the first aider at his school who "advised" me that it looked like Harry needed his finger seeing to...I storm up the school muttering to myself that if he was okay to play a game of football then go onto football training afterwards then it must be okay, convincing myself he just wanted to get out of double science or whatever lesson he didn`t fancy doing...hell no, he was grey when I got there...straight to the hospital and after a three hour wait for an x-ray they confirmed it was broken...at the knuckle...look...

The doctor actually showed this x-ray to Harry then said take a picture on your mobile to show all your mates!!!

Okay so finger broken and strapped up and he has an appointment with the Orthopaedic consultant on Monday but he is still playing on it far too much for my liking...took him to McDonalds when we had done and after a Big Mac meal he asked me for a McFlurry...when I said no he pointed to his strapped up fingers and stuck his lip out...bloody kids!!!

I think he is already planning on which girl is going to be taking notes for him in lessons tomorrow, it`s his right hand, and almost had a panic attack when he realised he wouldn`t be able to go on the playstation, but when I got home from work this evening he didn`t seem to be having any problems with the mouse for the PC...!!!

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