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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Ten Tiny Fingers....

...and Ten tiny toes...I held a little tiny newborn baby today, and its been a while since I did that, I very nearly completely lost my reputation today by very nearly getting broody...luckily after bringing forty tiny fingers and forty tiny toes into the world I am completely past broodiness and just cuddled the baby then handed it straight back over to his mum!!!

Did however gain more points in my "quest" for mother of the year by letting Mia invite her friend for tea...I usually don`t "entertain" other peoples kids, having so many of my own but sometimes get caught during a weak moment and agree to things I wouldn`t normally do, usually only happens with Mia though...must be those gorgeous eyes of hers!!!

Did have every intention of chilling out tonight with a book I started on Sunday but got caught up doing some paperwork, then a bit of lesson prep too...even though its my day off tomorrow I am still shopping for work, have a list of things that students want me to get hold of for them and a list of things that I "need" too...Primark here I come!!!

Did manage to complete another two cards tonight...yep more of my new stamps...can`t do anymore now until I buy some more watercolour paper, yep that's on my list too...

And had a bit of a play with some wire, this is unfinished and I will probably turn it into a necklace, Shaped the heart with 18 gauge wire using the mandrel then wrapped the heart with 22 gauge wire, I am thinking a 26 or 28 gauge would be easier to wrap with though but still like the effect...

Off now to combine several shopping lists into one manageable one and maybe chill out with my book for a bit...after I have covered the bloody budgie up he is currently singing along to Arctic Monkeys...Bless!!!

1 comment:

Geoff Riley said...

That heart looks scrumptious Est! The red wire wrapping is wonderful.