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Monday, 14 September 2009

Careless Wispa!!!

Admit it you are humming George Michael now aren`t you, I know I am!!!

OH MY GOD...just had one of these...

The new Caramel Wispa...I needed chocolate...this is exactly how chocolate should taste...smooth, velvety and creamy with a delicious caramel filling...this my friends is chocolate heaven!!! Just going to email Carbury`s now to ask if they are considering releasing it in a family size!!!

Okay on to the careless part...no explanation needed apart from I have been crafting...

But out of that chaos these two little cards emerged...still working through my new stamps I picked up at the GMEX a couple of weeks ago...

Had two great classes today and finished my afternoon class a little early so I got shown some Yoga moves by a student, I honestly thought that was supposed to be relaxing, I think I have pulled a muscle in my thigh and I could certainly feel the stretch, not sure I will be taking that up, felt a bit like a form of torture although saying that I have tried to concentrate more on my posture...you know shoulders back chest out...but its making my back hurt so the only posture I am interested in now is of the horizontal type under a quilt...been up since 3am (bloody insomnia) I have to go and investigate the inside of my eyelids!!!

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