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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Did you miss me!!!

Had a mad busy week as you may have noticed due to my distinct lack of blogging...!!!

All my courses finished last week so had mountains of paperwork to plough through all of which is done now, thank goodness, the only paperwork I like is stroking the latest Making Memories or Basic Grey!!!

Went out a couple of nights last week too, started a course at college last Tuesday...as a student...I am learning dressmaking which is so cool as I would love to be able to make my own clothes, not that I am a tight arse I just like the individual look. I am working on creating a dressmaking pattern of my favourite dress at the moment so I can have one in every colour.

Was invited to a student`s house Wednesday evening for coffee and crafty chat, which is always a good way to spend time, and ended up staying out til quite late!!!

I also started a new Jewellery making course on Thursday evening and think that in total I had about 15 students turn up, they just kept walking through the door and the evening was a flurry of enrolment forms and beads, complete and utter chaos but I love it.

Did have two days off last week though, Tuesday was spent up to my arms in housework, washing and ironing and Wednesday was spent shopping in Manchester...well it was pay day after all!!!

Did my first wedding yesterday too...the photographs that is...was for a very good friend and my wedding present for her, it was totally brilliant, spent the whole day with her, from the getting her hair and make up done, to the nerves before we got her dress on her to the first dance at the reception. I loved every minute of it especially the bossing everyone around telling them where to stand...could get used to doing that at the weekends. I love taking photos and to be able to do it for such a good Friend to capture the memories of her special day was a privilege.

I think that my kids maybe getting the photography bug too as they captured me in my very retro 80`s dress last night before we went back to the wedding reception...

Taken by Harry.....

Taken by Ella...

Mia still can`t get used to the fact that you have to look through the eyepiece to take the picture and can`t see your image on the screen though, so thinking of investing in another little compact digital camera...geek aren`t I !!!!
Got new courses starting this week that I really must get organised and prepared for but rather fortunately apart from a new jewellery class, in a new venue tomorrow morning I am off until Thursday...yeah baby...off to soak my aching feet in a hot bath...being a photographer is hard work you know ;-)

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