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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Fantastic Friday...Sensational Saturday...Structured Sunday...

I have just sat down and thought to myself that I think I may need another weekend to get over the one I have just had which has been total non stop but bloody brilliant.

After teaching all day Friday went to a party, one where I vowed not to drink any alcohol...hmmm, that didn`t last long, not after I put on my favourite dress and my heels and spent the most part dancing to classic 60`s and 70`s TUNES...was one of my student`s 20th wedding anniversary and had such a great night, although not so great getting up Saturday morning...yep hangover well and truly in place...to hit the GMEX for the Stitch and Creative Crafts show...So on the train at stupid o clock in my shades, ipod blaring, after downing three cups of Alta Rica and several neurofen!!!

God I spent an absolute fortune...my excuse...so many pretty things and most of the stallholders were accepting visa this year which was hideously cruel but kind!!!

Just look at my lovely new stash...

...From Craftwork cards

Total spent £30....but look at those little owls and those lovely birdcage stamps!!!

Turquoise and green stash...mmmm....my favourite colour combo at the moment and have been trying to get hold of those Hero Arts ticket stamps for like ever!!!

Okay this book was a little pricey at £15 and I probably could get it cheaper on Amazon but got caught up in the moment and I love to make and teach handmade embellishments!!! Got it here

I went a bit mad on stamps...well totally actually...26 pounds worth of bloody gorgeousness here!!!

Fell in love with the Crazy wire company stand, learnt a few new techniques that I will be passing onto my students and bought some wire...lime green and red...bloody gorgeous, and some bargain beads too, those little packs of glass beads were only a quid each!!!

So finally got home last night about half eight after a very eventful day and stopping off at the takeaway for a well earned curry!!!

Woke up this morning to this....

Not only did I unpack all my lovely new stash on my desk but all my teaching bags from Thursday and Friday needed sorting!!! Have not stopped all day...cleaning, washing, ironing, food shopping, desk tidying and lesson planning...my back feels like I have been sleeping upside down and my arms are probably at least two inches longer from carrying all my lovely stash!!!

But...and its a big but...I have a clean house, my ironing basket is empty, my desk is tidy and I have planned all my classes for the entire week...I know even I am scared at how organised I am!!!

Just look at my little fairy...

...which I will be teaching Tuesday in my Papercraft class.

And look at this bracelet...which I love...

...which is Tuesday`s jewellery class...making the beads from wire...bloody ingenious and so simple...will never tire of doing that!!!

Okay now I am off I am tired, weary and my bones hurt and I can hear my quilt calling me very gently...over the sound of the bloody budgie chirping!!!

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Geoff Riley said...

Golly I'm looking forward to Tuesday!