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Sunday, 13 September 2009

I just blinked...

...and again the weekend has passed in a fraction of the time it is supposed to; my definition of weekend used to be relax and chill out and I have done nothing of the sort over the last two days!!!

Had a terrific one though and crammed a lot in, went out for a meal with a good friend on Friday night, one of those all you can eat restaurants, Thai, Chinese and Japanese....mmmmm although I believe I ate my own body weight, all for £11 can`t be bad. Then went on to a club and met up with some friends to watch another band that another friend is in, not the usual Selfish Lovers but enjoyed it anyway, although was home by midnight, think I am getting too old for this rock and roll lifestyle!!!

Had a lovely evening last night too, my Uncle was up from Landahn Baby, that's where I am from originally and a lot of my family still live there but we moved up north about 20 years ago. So he is a set designer for films...how cool is that, and he has been working in the Mersey Tunnel filming....The last Harry Potter film, got all the inside info on that too and it sounds like it is going to be totally breathtaking, so him and my Auntie were staying with my Mum and Dad last night and of course had to go round for drinks...would have been rude not to!!!

So today, woke about 10am with a terrible head...blaming my Dad and the fact he made me drink wine last night...yep back up my arm job too honestly!!! Good old Alta Rica and Neurofen to the rescue and then I spent the whole day lesson planning for the week, all my lessons are prepped and planned and I feel organised, which is mighty scary!!!

Bracelet and earring set for tomorrows class, using nylon coated beadalon:

Funky turquoise and lime earrings for Tuesdays class using the mandrel...god I love using that:

Also had a bit of a play and made these beads, using fimo:

and just look how cute this little house is...

The rooftop is secured with a button and some jewellery thong and lifts up so it can be used as a little gift box, I love it, so cute and this is the big one, still have the little one to make up yet.
That was my last weekend off for a few weeks now, I am demonstrating next Saturday for Kars at The Craft Range in Burnley, so if you are in the area come along they are celebrating their third birthday and have several demonstrations taking place.

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