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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

She Survivied...

...Her first day of high school...looking so grown up and walking home alone too :-(

Despite my reservations about her being too young to walk home by herself she managed to get home in one piece within ten minutes of school finishing, looking pretty much as smart as she did when she left this morning...which being such a momentous day was a perfect photo opportunity (and later scrapbook layout too) look....

Of course because I had the camera out Harry had to get in on the action and take some pictures too...but I just think he wanted to prove what a short arse I am because I am wearing heels and Ella is nearly as tall as me...that's their favourite thing to do at the moment, stand next to me when I have nothing on my feet and comment on how they are nearly as tall as me...usually my response is you will never be too big for a clip round the ear to which they usually reply yeah mum but you have to catch us first...bloody kids...anyway I love this picture that Harry took of Ella and I this morning...look at that...before 8am too!!!

Not to forget Jack either, although he is never in one place long enough for me to take a photograph of him lately!!! He was finally accepted into the college of his choice today, he had been provisionally accepted dependant on his GCSE results.

So after a minor issue, where the school had "forgot" to forward his BTEC results on...which were the equivalent to 7 C`s and an A and were the dependent GCSE results he needed he has been enrolled onto Alevel Law, Psychology and English and is resiting his GCSE maths because he wasn`t happy with the grade and has made the decision to do this totally off his own back too!!!

Totally proud of you boy!!!

Although I am still not entirely happy with his "plan" to travel for six months after college in a transit van!!!

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