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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sometimes I ask myself....

...why is it that kids don`t have a volume control!!!

Came home tonight and they have either all gone deaf or plotted amongst themselves how long they can shout at each other before Mum completely loses the plot!!! I am not talking about fighting they were just generally conversing...loudly!!! Thank god for my ipod which I turned up to full blast while I was working tonight to drown them out, then they had the cheek to tell me they couldn`t hear the telly properly because my music was too loud!!!

I have had such a lovely day today, despite being sent half crazy by my delightful little offspring, had to go into work this morning for some training and to sort out some paperwork but then I hit Manchester to pay a visit to the bead shop...oooh I love going there, could spend all day running my fingers through the boxes of beads, delighting at the colours and textures and obviously coming away with a brand new bag of beautiful stash...yum, although not used any yet, they have to be stoked and gazed at for a certain amount of time before I will commit them to a piece of arm candy...I know I am sad!!!

Did however create this scrapbook layout tonight, the picture is of Mia in 2005 when her wardrobe consisted of fairy dresses in every colour and texture, she refused to wear trousers or jeans because fairies don't!!! Ignore the state of my desk and my craft mat...yes I am a craft slob!!!

Honestly look....

That was a total disgrace, even the kids had a go at me reminding me that I am forever telling them to tidy their rooms...really I should be setting a better example...so I did this...

Clean, tidy and organised...honestly!!!

Off to stroke and gaze at my new beads!!!

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