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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Weekend Witterings!!!

Another crazy weekend...I am going to work tomorrow for a rest!!!

I had to get up yesterday morning at 5.30am and got to bed about 2am this morning...nearly did the full 24 hours and bloody hell my body feels like it too.

Was in Burnley yesterday at The Craft Range demonstrating the slice for Kars, and bumped into my good pal Kirsty Wiseman, well I say bumped we were actually sat next to each other demonstrating all day, she was showing people what to do with the Papermania clear albums and one of her samples was an amazing idea to use them as storage books for acrylic stamps...so obviously had to buy one and have washed all my stamps in cold water as this makes them "sticky" again and they are say quite happily in their little album that is just waiting to be decorated now. Had such a great day too and met some really lovely people, the icing on the cake is the little cafe they have in the shop where all the food is completely scrumptious, I can highly recommend the handmade quiche mmmmm!!!

Also bought a fabulous Christmas stamp, designed exclusively for the Craft Range by Claire Rowlands, and she showed me how to use copics correctly too, been toying with trying these for a while, now I am in love and need probably the full set!!! You can see her exclusive designs here Redgy the Reindeer came home with me!!!

So despite Kirsty getting us a little bit lost on the way home...must have been stopping for McDonalds thick shakes on the way home that did it was a lovely day.

Went to a 21st birthday fancy dress party last night...only got in from Burnley at 7pm and then was ready and out again for 8pm...record timing, dressed up as a halfhearted cowgirl...bloody come in handy those cowboy boots of mine, and can`t remember the last time I wore my hair in pigtails complete with ribbons!!! Had a really lovely night dancing with my kids, I love to dance. Not sure that the three shots of Sambuca were such a good idea though...so finally hit the sack at about 2am, completely and utterly wrecked. Had a really lazy day today though, apart from transforming this...

To this...

Took me a couple of hours, but I had limited movement thanks to the sambuca last night!!! My desk has not been that tidy or organised for a very long time but apparently if your workspace is clean and tidy and organised you are far more likely to want to create...must have worked because I then designed this for my class tomorrow...

I am in love with Kashmere beads at the moment, they are truly scrumptious and make the simplest design look so decadent.

So now I am off to bed with a hot chocolate to rest my weary body!!!

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