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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

For Flocks sake!!!

Every time guaranteed that I get out my flocking powder I get covered in it, its similar to when you go into the loft and get covered in fiberglass, you breath it in it gets in your hair and its all over me...that and the glitter I spilt too...Arghhh!!!

I was quite happily preparing for tomorrows scrapbooking class when this happened, I read somewhere that if you sand a brad, dip it into acrylic paint then into flocking powder you can create your own little flocked brads, which works a treat as long as you don't blow into the flocking powder by accident...honestly you think I would know things like that by now!!!

Also have been playing around with some embossing powder and metal charms and burnt my finger...obviously I know now that if you direct a heat gun at a metal strawberry for a minute it gets very hot!!! I think I left my common sense in Manchester today!!!

Layout for tomorrow:

Metal embossed strawberry

Three little "flocking" brads!!!

Had a lovely day off, the weather has been really nice and I shopped...properly, spent an hour or so wandering round Primark, love the fact that when you go in the week you don`t have to suffer heat exhaustion whilst waiting to try anything on. Then had a list to work through in The Bead Shop and Fred Aldous...sat in Starbucks for a bit too people watching, because I am nosey!!!

Bead envy alert...although funnily enough I keep going out buying gorgeous new beads and they just sit on my desk patiently waiting for me to create something beautifull...did however match up these gorgeous Kashmere, glossy wooden beads and pearls today though with every intention of making myself some arm candy.

Off now to carefully remove the glitter from my desk and the flocking powder from my hair!!!

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