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Saturday, 11 April 2009


Wouldn`t you bloody believe it...went to buy Easter Eggs today...by god the Easter Bunny has obviously been stalking around Warrington stealing all the eggs...the only ones they had left in Asda were the luxurious and highly expensive sickly too good for kids Eggs!!!

So mad dash around Warrington...Jesus where on earth is Woolworths when you need it...and managed to scramble...excuse the pun...some eggs together for the kids, not that they seemed impressed when I handed them over, all bloody packaging again. I vow to be more organised next year...Promise!!!
All that aside I am having just the nicest weekend...Four...yes FOUR whole days off work...no planning no preparation not even sat at my desk...I have been catching up with my friends and family and just chilling out, relaxing and doing all "those little things" that I never have time to do. I have even managed a little bit of gardening, sowed some seeds today, going to grow my own fruit and veg this year...well going to attempt to anyway, so far have a kitchen windowsill full of little propagators containing baby carrots, peppers, radishes, tomatoes and strawberries, and have some chilli seeds drying out ready to plant too. Just need a couple of chickens and a cow and I may be self sufficient for the rest of the year and never have to walk the aisles of Asda again!!!
Got a few piccies to show you of some sample pieces I made for a demo with the scrummy new Basic Grey ranges Bittersweet and Porcelain
Little mini album
Chocolate slider
Decorated Chocolate wrapper...notice the actual chocolate bar is missing...I wonder where that went ;-)
couple of cards created with a card kit
and finally my local craft shop...where I also happen to run a couple of workshops a week ;-) had a massive sale on this week and just look at all these goodies I got for the grand total of £10!!!
Off now to pretend its only Friday night...because I still have another TWO whole days off work...Oh yes!!!

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Pam said...

oh what lovely things you make!