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Thursday, 16 April 2009


Had the day off today...well I use that term rather loosely...I did not have to go into work, but I have not stopped all day, been in one of those "lets see how much I can clean and tidy up" moods so the whole house is sparkling, all the washing is done, the ironing fairies have yet to show but I am confident they are just stuck in traffic and will be here soon!!! Then when I had completed all that I had the really bright idea...well I had it about three months ago...to sort through all my craft stuff!!!

BLOODY HELL... I could quite possible sell everything I have and retire on the proceeds, I found stash I hadn`t even opened, papers, Jesus I could wallpaper Buckingham Palace with the amount of 12x12 papers I have, brads that still were in the packets and a cricut cartridge I have no recollection of buying!!!

Well everything is...well was...neat and tidy again...until I decided to do some scrapping and now my desk looks like, well like it usually does after I have finished a craft session!!! What was the bloody point I am thinking, although I now know what I have, where it is and the recycling bin is full!!!

So these layouts are why my desk is now labelled "Creative Disorder"

12x12 Of Mia from 2006...look at that fringe!!!

Presenting my Biker Chick...
and an 8x8 layout from Spring 2007 of Mia...growing out the fringe!!!
Off to steal Chipsticks from Ella she is sat munching them on the couch and they smell bloody lovely!!!
Oh and just so you know my bonding and motivational session was a complete success last night, so much so that I am considering running that class again ;-)

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