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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Who Stole it...

...The weekend!!!

I can`t believe it is almost over, as soon as I have finished typing this I am away to the land of the dreams, hitting the sack, getting up close and personal with my quilt you get my drift!!!

I am exhausted, mind weary, bone weary even my eyelashes are weary!!!

Spent a very lovely but exhausting day in Liverpool yesterday after I had a very important meeting at the bank with my new account manager Declan, who is such a nice man!!! Had to "discuss my Finances" and get everything in order, you know one of those horribly grown up things to do!!! Then got on the train and headed over to Aintree race course for the Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft show...look how the sun shone
god I spent a bloody fortune, but did manage to get these two books which I have been after for a while,

also bought loads of stamps, I am really liking stamping at the moment and finally bought myself a Lily and Milo stamp.

After I had walked round the show twice, paid an extortionate amount of money for a cappuccino and a chicken sandwich I got the train back into Liverpool to hit Primark...well its the law...Saturday afternoon shopping and all that!!!

The Train home was full of City fans though who had watched their team beat Everton at Goodison so was a little loud...thank heavens for my ipod and the Killers blaring in my ears!!!

Last night I went out for an Italian with a very good friend and we walked into town for wine and cocktails...mmm cocktails seemed like such a good idea at the time but not this morning when I felt like someone had taken a claw hammer to my head in the middle of the night, not only did I have the hangover from hell but my body hurt from all the walking and shopping carrying I did yesterday...Needless to say I have taken it easy today, although I have spent all afternoon lesson planning but rather nice planning though, not the horrendous paperwork side of it!!!

This is what I am teaching tomorrow in my sewing class, applique felt bags.

This is what I am teaching in my jewellery class, beaded wire wrapped around thonging.

... this is my scrapbooking class on Thursday...chalk ink lettering and using felt die cuts, see how organised I am!!!

Okay I know I said I was hitting the sack but have just found this site and its screaming at me to have a look!!!

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