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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Wired and Dangerous!!!

Today didn`t start in the best possible way...I overslept, not just by ten minutes either but by a whole hour....getting myself and four kids fed, and organised before half eight in the morning when you only get up at quarter to is not an easy feat...especially when Jack decides that this morning will be the one he shatters Mia`s precious High School Musical glass!!! She is unfortunately devastated and I don't think she has forgiven him yet, she was slightly placated when I told her I was going to Manchester next week so would nip into the Disney shop and get her another!!! Then I managed to throw my tin of make up on the floor and Mia, bless her, came out with the remark "things are not going too well this morning are they Mum"!!!

The day improved slightly, I had a lovely workshop this morning, teaching the Tilda card with Picket Fence template and when I arrived at work one of my ladies had left me a gift...look at this...
Oooh I can`t wait to create some of the gorgeous beaded designs in here, lots of workshop and class ideas to steal too ;-)
Managed to design one of my May workshops this evening too, just seemed to be in the mood for a bit of jewellery making and have come up with this wire wrapped design.

And after my fiasco with the "taxi driver" yesterday I have decided that I am starting my driving lessons again...watch out Warrington this could be DANGEROUS!!!!!

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