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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bonding, Motivation and Radishes!!!!

Early post from me today as I am off out tonight...only to socialise with some of my students, it has to be done for bonding and motivational purposes only...okay if I am honest we are going down the pub for a few drinks there I have said it...sometimes I am just too honest ;-).

I think I may be a little more green fingered than I thought too because you would not believe how quickly my radishes have grown, I have had to buy individual pots today to thin them out, originally the idea was that the kids would save me their fromage frais pots each night after tea but as I only have three sat on my windowsill ready I has to resort to plan B!!! Not a shoot from the carrots, peppers or strawberries yet though...I can`t wait to harvest...see that's a technical term that is...my own vegetables...how cool will that be!!!

Look at these little beauties, I only sowed these on Saturday!!!

I have really rediscovered my love of scrapbooking lately too, completed another layout last night and have another in progress on my desk that I will hopefully complete before I attend my bonding and motivation session this evening ;-).
I love this picture of Ella, taken 8 years ago at Camelot, aw she is so cute, still loving the 12x12 size and this is one of my favourite colour combinations too, also loving brads again at the minute thanks to Victoria, one of my students who understands all about clusters and inking and whether to tilt or not!!!
Okay I am off now to start the MAMMOTH job of sorting through ALL my craft stash...this job may take several weeks to complete but I am going to do it...watch this space for Ebay listings ;-)

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scrapraffe said...

haha even before i read that post i was planning to comment to say how amazing that layout looks! ;) xx