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Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday Madness!!!

I had the taxi driver from Hell this morning I swear, got in his cab at 9am and told him where I wanted to go...about ten minutes drive away!!!
I`ve never heard of it was his reply...
well its in such and such a road I say...
ohh never heard of it...
do you have sat nav I say...
don`t believe in it he replies...
so a ten minute journey turned into a thirty minute nightmare...him saying never heard of it about 14 million times...driving through the streets of Penketh...when we finally found the place where I was teaching he said I can`t charge you the full amount can I...to which I replied no I wouldn`t give it to you anyway...so he muttered under his breath, me all cheerful gets out of his taxi and says "have a nice day now" :-) I couldn`t help myself...bloody prat needs to invest in sat nav or at least do the Warrington version of the knowledge...tell you I have never seen a taxi driver so happy to get rid of me ;-)
Anyway despite the nightmare taxi ride...although I was far more chilled out about it than I would have been about six months ago, I have had a fantastic day. Had two new classes starting today and they were both really well attended and I met some lovely people too.
Completed this layout last night, picture was taken of Harry and I in March I titled it Tall Tales...and the journaling reads something like will this be the last picture I have taken of Harry and I where he is smaller than me...I have three inch heels on in this pic so I think it maybe!!!
Not the best pictures but this is what I will be teaching in my workshop tomorrow, using the Picket fence templates and good old Tilda stamps.
And finally just before I go and relax my aching muscles in a bubbly bath, bought this magazine today, not had a chance to look through properly but at first glance looks pretty good.
Will let you know what I think.
Anyway that bath is calling me now...can you hear it ;-)

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