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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sweet things and Jump Rings!!!

I managed to get my backside out of bed on time this morning, much to the surprise of the kids, although making my first of several thousand cups of pure caffeine this morning I realised I felt like I hadn`t been to bed at all and had to wait a little longer for that caffeine rush to kick in!!!

I also managed to do probably one of the most stupid things today too, left my front door keys on top of my recycling bin...yep for the whole day...the girls had a "fancy dress" day at school today and after I locked up realised Mia had her pants on back to front, so sorted her out and obviously left my keys on top of the bin...derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...only when I went to get my keys out of my bag after I finished work did I realise they were missing!!!

Talk about leaving an open invitation for someone to help themselves to everything in my house...luckily my keys were still there and everything is still in its place, just feel a bit irresponsible...blaming the fact I am tired...again!!!

Have spent this evening lesson planning and have designed two more workshops for May, this is a jump ring bracelet I have been thinking about for a while:

This is an acetate card and gift bag workshop using some exclusive designs that a lady draws especially for our shop:

Little acetate bag with shrink plastic cupcake charm

Off to finish some paperwork...oh the hidden joys of teaching!!!

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