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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Back to work...

...yep no lie in for me today...although I did sleep through the alarm and got up half an hour later than I should have done but still made it to work on time...Just!!!

Was teaching a cardmaking class today, makes a change for me as it is usually scrapbooking or jewellery making but it was lovely, had a lot of giggles and a nice full workshop. Girls were then delivered to Grandma and Grandads for a sleepover...little cheer from Harry...and then I took Harry to the pub for our tea...god I am so full I really think we should have given the hot chocolate fudge cake and ice cream a miss, especially after the chicken tika masala but hey that's what the buttons on your jeans are for right...to loosen when you are stuffed!!!

Finally managed to get a semi decent shot of the other layout I completed yesterday, this photograph of Ella is 7 years old, taken during her first year of school, pretty ironic considering she leaves Primary school in July to start High school, but just goes to prove that I do get around to completing things...eventually!!! Can not believe how young she looks and so small...so cute!!!
And this bracelet is what I am teaching in my Jewellery making workshop tomorrow...yep more of those gorgeous lush little coils!!!
Off now to try and work off some of the fudge cake on the Wii...failing that which is pretty likely as Harry is watching some football game ;-) I may just seek out some of the kids Easter eggs!!!

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