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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I Love....


I`m sorry but it is true...Ella even has socks to prove it!!!

The girls and I hit the streets of Liverpool yesterday, my second favorite place in the world after Manchester, and we DID Primark...All five floors of it...well four floors, because we didn't want to do boy stuff!!!

We DID it that well we had to buy a suitcase to transport our purchases home...I love that ;-)!!!

We came home with lots of new clothes, very happy but very, very tired!!! So tired I nodded off on the train home, you know that moment when you are part way between being awake and being asleep and you feel your head fall and you wake up slightly only to nod again...that was me...you got to love big sunglasses to hide that look!!!

Luckily I had the girls with me to chunner and jabber away keeping me partially awake so we got off at the right stop!!!

Funny though got home and still managed to complete this page in my art journal...very apt for yesterday...

Titled "Home Sweet Home"...

And these are a couple I completed Monday but it was too dark to photograph...and quite possibly too late...this Art journaling has me staying up late and getting up early...bit like a new baby but with less commitment, I wouldn't say less mess because that would be an outright lie!!!

This one is titled "Time"

and this one "Rock Chick"...

I have been busy tonight prepping for my last Demo for a couple of weeks, I am over in Lancaster on Saturday at Cardcraft UK so come and say hi if you are nearby.

Off now to maybe get messy with Mod Podge or Grungy with Gesso!!!


pearshapedcrafting said...

Just catching up - loving your pages - pity I don't seem to be able to enlarge some of them but they still look gorgeous especially the live by the sea pages!
Love your bargains btw!
Great to see you on Saturday!
Love Chrisx

Gabriele said...

Just stumbled upon your blog - searching for some vintage inspiration as I had a longer crafting break - and wanted to let you know how much I like your style! Gorgeous...
I could spend hours watching your works. I share your favourite colour combos, so your blog is just "my taste".
Thanks for the inspiration and tipps I found here :)
Greetings from Germany