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Monday, 8 August 2011

Wii did it....

.....we fixed the Wii!!!

I say we, but it was thanks to a very good friend who knows all about this technology stuff the girls and I are back Wii-ing!!!

I'm not too sure about this Wii Zumba though, Ella and I did a 20 minute session and even though the trainer kept saying "you're doing great" I didn't feel great...in fact I felt like my heart was going to explode and that I really needed to be lying down...possibly in a dark room, With a glass of wine and a cigarette, we did it though and bloody hell it's hard work but I feel kind of energised, I'm not one for exercise unless it's running through Primark on a Saturday but I managed and I'm even on track with my five a day today...and that doesn't even include the Pinot!!!

I have spent most of the day preparing for my demo on Saturday over in St Helens A Christmas demo in August...got to hunt for a Christmas tree to display some projects...going to mean a trip into the loft tomorrow.

Will post some pictures tomorrow, I'm blogging in bed from my iPad...oh yeah baby I saved up for one and treated myself the day Jack turned 18, kind of a well done on surviving being a mum for 18 years gift to myself!!!

Off to listen to the wind rattling around my house on this beautiful summer night!!!

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