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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Chorley bound and a sticky situation

I'm up early and off to Chorley to teach a jewellery making class at the Crafty patch with a very lovely group of ladies today, just wish it wasn't so early!!!

These two day weeks are really stretching me I kid you not, hoping that I don't get attacked with a can of stick and spray today as Wendy tried to yesterday, as she tried cutting on her Accucut she managed to completely cut through a full can...glue flew everywhere literally and I think we spent the rest of the day high from fumes, this crafting is a dangerous business I can tell you and I'm considering asking for danger money...no harm done really just jaw ache from giggling.

Forgot to post this last night but for anyone wanting to know the plate combination for embossing, either with a creatable or a brass stencil using the cuttlebug it is as follows:

Plate A
Two shims of thick card (I use two pieces cut to the size of my plates that I got in a fill a box for a fiver)
Creatable die (with die already cut) or brass stencil with card you want to emboss over the top (core-donations works well)
Tan embossing mat
B plate
Cutting B plate

Roll it through and hey presto embossed images in a jiffy!!!

On some of the older creatable dies it tells you to use a C plate...please do not I managed to break a cuttlebug with this combination.

Have a great day whatever you are doing.

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