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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Behind the scenes...

...I have been beavering away behind the scenes today, preparing for two 30 week BTEC courses I am teaching for the College in September, I am very excited about these, one is in Jewellery making and the other is Mixed Media, it is not only a fantastic opportunity for me to be teaching these but also for many of my students who need a progression route...I love my job, even though I was sat at the computer for six hours today...yep six, planning course outlines, creating supplies lists and translating the BTEC course aims and objectives into my own subject areas...did I say I love my job, honestly I really do, this is a fresh new challenge for me and I can`t wait.

I am running an advice session tomorrow night for these courses...Me!!!...

...sometimes this all feels like a dream; that I have a job that I love so much, that I put so much into (ask any member of my family for confirmation of this) and that I am actually pretty good at, I had a teaching observation a couple of months ago...I know I have been a bad blogger and should have shared this earlier but I was awarded a Grade 1 Outstanding Tutor and over the moon about that was a little bit of an understatement...I am truly blessed to be able to love work as much as I do.

As I said last night Picasa was playing silly beggars whilst I was trying to edit photos, so this is the first Art Journaling page I attempted with my brand spanking new, lush, stroke-able water colour crayons...did I mention I love them!!!

This page is all about how I have fell in love with Art and the journaling reads:

"I never considered myself an artist before until I began Art Journaling and I`ve fell in love, I`m excited and I can`t stop talking about it..."

I know I am probably boring you all with this now but it is just like a new love and that is how I wanted the page to "feel"!

Just a reminder that I am demonstrating for Kars at My Paper Warehouse on Saturday, they are hosting their annual craft event, I demonstrated there last year and had such a lovely day meeting lots of other demonstrators so this year should be just as good...if you are nearby come and say Hello, even if you are not it is definitely worth a trip just to check out the amount of ideas and inspiration each demonstrator has to offer and the amazing scenery in a beautiful part of the country...did I mention I love my job!!!

Off to proof read my supplies list...just kidding, going to catch the end of Twilight with Ella, apparently there's some serious eye candy in that ;-)!!!

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Hope you have room in your bag to bring your journal tomorrow! (You must need something to do on the train he!he!) Congratulations on being a great tutor- something I knew already! Look forward to seeing you, Chrisx