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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Potter, Pearls and Pants!!!

I finally watched Harry Potter yesterday...The last one...EVER...or is it?

Two words sum up this film, never mind Jonathan Ross or Barry Norman`s opinion...mine...BLOODY AWESOME!!!

I loved it, have always loved it, the books and the films and now it is no more so as I wipe a little tear from my eye I am happy in the knowledge that I can get away with wearing Chino`s...I know slight subject change there but obviously a trip into Manchester (to the pics) isn`t complete without a trip to Primani and I picked up a pair of said chinos yesterday and according to Ella I look good in Teens clothes!!!

And finally Pearls...made these on Sunday evening after the trip to the bead fair and finally took pictures yesterday when the light was a little better...

Bracelet on beading wire...

And matching necklace on beading wire and chain...

I love those big chunky flowers and wish I had bought more now :-(, I will have to search Ebay for some more!

Okay supposed to be off to Conwy for the day today and the BBC weather site have promised no rain...wish me luck!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful. And good to see you back! :-) Jude.x