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Sunday, 7 August 2011


...In my bid to keep a little bit fitter...running up the stairs has me reaching for an oxygen mask at the moment, and my idea of five a day has a lot more to do with a certain little grape than a selection of fruit, I purchased this today...well I sent Ella to Asda with my Dad and the money because I was working...so far so good yes?

So the intention is there which is half the battle , the motivation arrived when I decided at 7.30pm that yeah I would have a little go...not at all concerned about making a fool of myself in front of the girls...nope they have seen me on Just Dance and had to endure me singing on Lips...not pretty I can tell you!!!

I am all geared up and ready to go....and...my Wii won`t work...go on say that out loud I dare you ;-).

I have spent the best part of an hour on Nintendo`s troubleshooting site, we have tried resetting, resyncing, I have maybe said a few bad words under my breath...and I have given up...been for a smoke and poured a glass of wine...see that's one of my five a day!!!

Any help gratefully received!

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