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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Under Pressure!!!

I have had a lovely day off work today, how nice is that one day in work then a day off...total bliss, headed my little self to Manchester and spent a good while here picking up bits and pieces for my classes, finally got hold of some Gel wax to make gel candles...you know the ones that look like jelly and have little shells and glitter embedded in them, I am teaching this on Thursday and had a bit of a panic on as to how I was going to get hold of the gel at such short notice...hey I work so much better under pressure, which is damn lucky because I have a Jewellery making workshop tomorrow and until an hour ago I did not even have a piece of jewellery designed to teach!!!

Job done, have been sat checking emails and designing a gorgeous bracelet...multitasking...can`t beat it, so I will upload a picture tomorrow as the light is pants here now and for those ladies...and gent...in my class tomorrow...panic over!!!

Off to pour myself a very nicely chilled, well deserved glass of wine!!!

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