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Friday, 2 January 2009

De Glittered and De Christmased!!!

Yep...Tree is down and packed up in the loft with all the other decorations and the bloody glitter!!!

Managed to break my hoover earlier in the week so had to go out and buy a new one, got one of the bag less ones...yuck how disgusting is that being able to see all your dust and hair mixed with glitter...lots and lots of glitter!!!

So I feel like I have been hoovering for hours and I can still see specks of the stuff that's it though until December...NO MORE GLITTER!!!

The house looks really bare though, had to fill the living room with the Rockband Instruments for the Wii just to make it look lived in...Oh and I Rock on the Guitar...I am officially a Guitar Rock Legend...simple things huh!!!

I realised last night that although I have five new courses starting next week and I still have to plan and prepare these...Gulp...I am not back in Edwin Allen until the week after so I have two days off next week...Yeah!!!

Managed to complete this layout this morning...been up since silly o clock again, that will teach me for sleeping for most of the day yesterday...this layout has been sat on my desk waiting to be finished for most of Christmas!!!

And this is a layout I completed just before Christmas but whenever I tried to photograph it it said uh oh!!!
Off now to fight over the guitar with the Kids...muwahahahaha!!!!

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