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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Pin Pals!!!

Been Bowling today...my first time ever...no longer a bowling virgin!

Was invited by a friend as it was her birthday and had originally said no as I had loads of paperwork to do then I thought sod it, Its Sunday and off we went!

I can`t believe I got to the age I am without ever having been bowling before but I did it today...well I say I did it, I wore the very sexy shoes (!) I picked up the very heavy ball and I threw it at the pins...I don`t think bowling is my sport...unless its on Wii Sports...then I rock, although I do remember putting my back out doing that last year...yes I know!!!
My little bowling buddies

Hmm not sure about the shoes!!!

And rather embarrassingly I have to admit defeat and confess that the kids are better than me...even Mia scored the same points as me and she just rolled the ball down the lane, and I broke a fingernail, got my thumb stuck in one of the holes in the balls and trapped my finger between two balls...ouch...that really hurt.
Do love this picture though

We also went on the dodgems...now that is fun and I can at least drive a dodgem...Mia came in my car with me and did not stop laughing the whole time we were in them...crashing into everyone...god that should be some sort of therapy...had a bad day book half an hour in the dodgems...stress gone!!!

So although we had a great day my uncompleted paperwork still sits on the corner of my desk poking its tongue out at me and making evil muwahaha noises every time I mistakenly glance over at it...perhaps if I leave it tiny little fairies will come into my house and amazingly complete it for me...failing that my insomnia is back with a vengeance so I will probably be doing it at 3am in the hope it bores me enough to fall back asleep!!!

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